GRC Spezialzuchtschau in Cloppenburg,
am 20.03.05

Excellent, 2. Platz - CAC/Reserve
+ CAC/Anw.Dt.Ch.(VDH) Res.

Richterbericht (Reneè Rault, F):
Good proportions; good bone; nice head with a kindly expression and good pigmentation; well-set neck; good shoulders but upper arm is a little too short; excellent topline; excellent rear angulation; good developement of ribcage; today he is not in a good condition of coat; moved well in rear, but a little out in elbows at front

DRC Clubschau in Kassel,
am 13.11.04

Excellent, 2. Platz - CAC/Anw.Dt.Ch.(VDH) Res.
+ CAC/Anw.Dt.Ch.(Club) Res.

Richterbericht (Hilary Vogel, GB):
Very well presented dog in good coat and condition; kind expression; bit throaty; good neck, topline and tailset; good legs and feet; good angulation; moved well; well balanced dog with a correct temperament, well handled

3. Südwestfalenschau in Kreuztal,
am 07.11.04

Excellent, 2. Platz - CAC/Anw.Dt.Ch.(VDH) Res.

Richterbericht (Judy Shortman, GB):
very nice young dog; 18 months old; good head and expression; good angulation front and back; short coupled; level top line; more maturing to do; moved very well

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